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RESPECT: Intimate Partner Abuse Education (IPAE)

(Formerly known as Batterer’s Intervention)

RESPECT is New Hope’s state-certified 40-week psycho-educational program for those who have perpetrated violence in their intimate partnership. This program addresses the core belief systems of these individuals, as well as the abuse they have used in their intimate partnerships.

Participants attend 40 or more weekly group sessions, designed to hold them accountable for their violent and controlling behaviors. RESPECT works with these individuals to prevent violence in both their current and future relationships.

This program is certified by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. RESPECT groups are held in Attleboro, Franklin, Taunton and Worcester.

Program Goals:

  • Understand and address hierarchy and oppression in our culture, including how these impact the development of an individual’s belief systems and subsequent actions towards their partner and children
  • Hold individuals accountable for their abusive behavior and choices, and help them recognize their abusive behaviors and attitudes
  • Help individuals attain ways of non-violent interaction, and refrain from all abusive behaviors in their relationships

Program Components:

  • Initial Interview (Intake Appointment)
  • Required participation in weekly two-hour group sessions
  • New Hope maintains contact with the participant’s current and/or past partners, checking in with them to ensure that the participant is maintaining non-violent behaviors
  • Information and appropriate referrals for substance abuse and mental health treatment with other community agencies
  • New Hope maintains monthly contact with the referral source (e.g.,, the court, probation department, etc.), with additional contact as deemed necessary

Program Participant Requirements:

  • Attend a MINIMUM of 40 weekly sessions
  • Pay program fees accordingly
  • Demonstrate appropriate, healthy behavior, and actively participate in each session
  • Remain violence free, while abstaining from alcohol and drug use for the duration of the program.

Fees To Be Paid By Program Participants:

  • Intake Fee of $100
  • Weekly Group Fee is determined by income and based on a sliding scale, starting at $15/week
  • Reduced Fees/Waived fees are available with proof of indigence
  • Administrative Fees, including a Completion/Termination Fee of $50

To learn more about our RESPECT program or to inquire about joining a RESPECT group, please call our toll-free RESPECT line at 877-222-0083.


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