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Prevention education and awareness of domestic and sexual violence are crucial parts of putting an end to these kinds of violence in our community. Our educators provide workshops, trainings, and classes to students in elementary, middle, high schools and colleges, as well as to medical professionals, law enforcement, businesses, civic groups, and faith-based organizations. Our Education and Outreach Department works to create a culture in our communities that is intolerant of domestic and sexual violence. Presentations can be tailored to specific audiences, and can cover the topics listed below.

Domestic Violence Advocacy Certification Training:

This 40 hour training complies with DPH requirements for domestic and sexual assault advocates in Massachusetts.

Details and Dates for 2021 Training Here.


Youth Outreach:

Evidence-Based Curricula:

Safe Dates

Safe Dates is a school-based prevention program for all middle and high school students. It is designed to stop or prevent dating violence, including the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse that occurs too often in teen relationships. Over multiple sessions, trained facilitators will engage students in dynamic conversations about gender norms, technology and dating, consent, communication, and substance use. These discussions allow students to come away from this program having built strong skills around healthy conflict resolution and peer advocacy to prevent and end teen dating violence.


Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a multi-session prevention program targeted towards high school students to reduce bullying and gender-based violence. This curriculum is specifically designed to serve student leaders and single-gender groups of student athletes, and use their status to speak out against rape, dating violence, bullying, sexual harassment, and other forms of violent and abusive behavior. It is based on the bystander approach, which empowers young people to confront abusive peers through real-life scenarios and interactive dialogue that leads to abuse and violence being seen as socially unacceptable.

Single-Session Programming:

Bullying Prevention

This workshop is geared towards middle school-aged students, and provides them with helpful information, strong strategies, and reliable resources to prevent and end bullying. No child deserves to experience bullying at school or online – this workshop will empower students to be accountable for their behavior and stand up for themselves and their friends.

Healthy Relationships/Teen Dating Violence

This workshop was developed for high school students, and it invites them to dive deeper into understanding teen dating, recognizing their own values, and engaging in healthy, safe relationships. The real-life scenarios discussed in class will provide teens with the tools to communicate their needs and wants effectively, recognize red flags for abuse, prevent breakup violence, and support friends who might be in unhealthy relationships.

Consent 101

In this workshop, New Hope educators will engage teen participants in a transformative conversation about consent, boundary-setting, and healthy communication in teen relationships. Students will be able to define consent and apply what they learn to hypothetical scenarios of teen relationships and sexual decision-making. Teen will leave this workshop having developed skills and language for having open, honest conversations about consent in their relationships.

Bystander’s Roles

Everyone is a potential witness to bullying and intimate partner violence. This workshop can be adapted to middle or high-school aged youth, and will explore the nuances of what bullying, sexual violence, and abuse in relationships might look like to someone on the outside. Participants will learn and practice powerful skills to keep their peers safe and hold perpetrators of violence accountable for their actions.


Community Outreach:


We know that sexual and domestic violence don’t only affect heterosexual, cisgender couples. These issues are widespread, and the barriers to receiving support and services are often more difficult to overcome for folks in the LGBQ/T communities. Here at New Hope, our mission is to serve all those affected by sexual and domestic violence. This workshop guides participants through myth-busting activities and important discussion about how we can support LGBQ/T survivors.

Older Adults and SV/DV

Older adults experience sexual and domestic violence face countless hurdles to overcome when seeking support services or safe spaces. This workshop provides participants with the knowledge to understand this often-denied issue, the tools to identify intimate partner violence in this population, and the skills to advocate for their safety and access to services.

Domestic Violence 101

Understanding healthy relationships starts with great conversations about communication, intimacy, connection, and equity. Domestic violence affects our community in countless ways, and no matter how your workplace, organization, youth group, or classroom wants to support survivors, they need to first get a grip on what the realities of domestic violence look like. This workshop invites participants to expand their understanding of intimate relationships, challenge the myths and misinformation we’re fed by the media, learn how to truly empower and support survivors, and work to end domestic violence in our community.

Sexual Violence 101

A community-based effort to end sexual violence is impossible without discussing the importance of consent. This workshop discusses sexual violence in an age-appropriate way for diverse audiences, while giving participants the information and tools they need to recognize the difference between consensual sex and sexual violence, the resources to connect survivors they know with services, and the ability to empower survivors to heal in ways that make sense for them. People will come away from this class with a clear understanding of how to ask for consent, identify their limits, respond confidently, and respect when another person is laying a boundary.

Healthy Masculinity 101

Domestic and sexual violence aren’t just women’s issues – they affect us all. Gendered socialization is real! The disparities in privilege and health among genders don’t just oppress women and other gender minorities – they’re harming guys, too. Want to be a better partner, husband, brother, friend, or father? Request this workshop to have open, frank conversations about how to actively break down toxic aspects of masculinity and begin to practice healthier expressions of masculinity.


Awareness Projects:

Clothesline Project

This powerful visual display is designed to bear witness to victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Survivors and secondary survivors (friends, family members, etc.) are given the opportunity to share their story, their feelings, and their experiences by decorating t-shirts to add to the display. Trained advocates will be present for the duration of the project to explain it to community members, discuss the realities of sexual and domestic violence, and provide resources and information about New Hope’s services. The Clothesline Project can be displayed on a large or small scale, on its own, or alongside some of the engaging workshops listed above.

Sexual Violence Mini-Clothesline Project

This display can be presented in small spaces, but is compelling and powerful in its message about the realities of sexual harassment and violence. The display transcends many common assumptions about what sexual violence “typically” looks like and who might be a “normal” survivor of sexual violence. A trained advocate will be present for the duration of the display to explain the project to community members, discuss the realities of sexual and domestic violence, and provide resources and information about New Hope’s services.


Professional Trainings:

Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Victims and survivors of domestic violence are all around us. Sometimes they’re our friends, sometimes our kids’ teachers, and sometimes they’re our coworkers or employees. This custom training ensures that managers and employees understand the realities of domestic violence, the laws put in place to make workplaces safe, and the specific steps that they can take to support their coworkers who may be experiencing violence at home.

Police/Fire Department Trainings

Our community members in uniform are often called to go above and beyond in their positions; they act as advocates, as social workers, as trusted leaders, and as beacons of safety. It is essential that they are provided with the information, resources, and strategies they need to help end sexual and domestic violence. This training opens the door for collaboration, communication, and continual support to ensure the future safety of our community.

Healthcare Professionals

When a survivor of sexual or domestic violence received healthcare services, it is crucial that their clinicians are prepared to give them compassionate treatment and options for further services available to them. New Hope provides a customizable training specifically to arm healthcare providers with an understanding of sexual and domestic violence, the wide range of normal behavioral and emotional responses to these types of violence, and how to support survivors moving forward.


The Beauty Community Against Domestic Abuse is dedicated to mobilizing salon professionals and others to fight the epidemic of domestic abuse in communities across the U.S. by building awareness and training salon professionals to recognize warning signs and safely refer clients, colleagues, friends and family to local resources.  With proper training on how to recognize the signs of abuse and safely refer victims to help, salon professionals can become invaluable and influential community partners in the fight against domestic abuse.

Outreach and Education Information Guides:

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New Hope advocates and educators are also available to table at events and attend meetings to present our services and distribute outreach materials.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, fill out this INQUIRY FORM and a member of New Hope’s Education team will get back to you.