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Technology and Domestic Violence

Technology has become a quick and easy way for stalkers to monitor and harass their victims. More than 1 in 4 stalking victims reports that some form of cyberstalking was used against them, such as email (83 percent of all cyberstalking victims) or instant messaging (35 percent). Electronic monitoring of some kind is used to stalk 1 in 13 victims.

Batterers can use the internet and other technologies to increase control of their partners. Technology can be used for:

High-tech eavesdropping

Some wireless phones, corded fax and answering machines can be used as listening devices. Additionally, scanners can pick-up conversation on a cordless home-phone. Survivors should use a “traditional” phone plugged into the wall for sensitive communication at home.

Tampering with email

Email can be intercepted or redirected to their email, they may check the “deleted items” or “sent items” folders for information.

Monitoring the home

Small but high-tech cameras can be installed and monitored from elsewhere.

Monitoring internet activity

Including: Email, Facebook, what websites are accessed (though search history and cookies), and the use of spyware.

Tracking the location of their victim

GPS on cell phone, GPS can be installed on a car.

Ways to Maintain Your Privacy:

  • Do not use standard cordless phones for sensitive information.
  • Do not use older analog phones – they can be intercepted with a scanner.
  • Be aware of baby monitors – they are an easy way to monitor someone without knowledge.
  • Ask your cell and landline carriers to block outgoing caller ID.
    • However, even if an outgoing caller ID is blocked, many 800, 877 and 866 toll-free numbers still receive the number of the caller!

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