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Summer Feature

Know the Signs of Domestic & Sexual Violence


Like the sun’s harmful UV rays, damage from domestic & sexual violence is not always immediately visible.  Are you unsure if you, or someone you know, is involved in an abusive relationship? Check out warning signs below.

Remember, help is a phone call away: 1-800-323-HOPE (4673).

Limits your access to money.Forces you to have sex, or perform sex acts, against your will.Does your friend frequently miss work or cancel plans at the last minute?Stage 1:
"The Honeymoon Phase" - relationship is strong and no abuse is taking place
Constantly calls, texts or checks on you / your whereabouts.Makes you feel as if sex is "owed" --because you're married or in a relationship.Does your friend have unexplained - or far-fetched explanations for - bruises or injuries?Stage 2:
Tension Builds - verbal abuse begins, victim tries to please abuser but tension continues to build
Keeps you away from your friends and family.Makes you afraid to say "no" to sex (fear of retribution / abuse).Does your friend have prolonged bouts of anxiety, stress, fear or depression?Stage 3:
Incident of Physical Abuse Occurs
Belittles you, yells at you, or puts you down.Relentlessly asks for sex / Badgers until you consent.Does your friend abuse drugs or alcohol?Stage 4:
Abuser apologizes, expresses guilt or makes excuses for bad behavior
Makes you feel scared, anxious or uneasy when they're around.

Summer Safety Series

Listen to our WMRC Radio Round Table on Summer Safety!
Air date: Friday, June 26

Online Safety

That’s Not Cool.com
A crowd-source platform that encourages teens to take an active roll in “raising awareness on an issue that affects friends, family and the community at large.

NetSmartz.org: Provides tips, discussion starters and videos to help parents understand a host of technology-related safety risks facing their children.

Travel Safety

The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Offers a concise two-part series on how to stay safe while traveling. The articles cover everything from logistical safety to resources you can utilize while traveling abroad.

To learn more, visit our “Get the Facts” page.

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