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Raise Awareness About Domestic and Sexual Violence

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power!  Read articles, watch documentaries, attend events and connect with domestic and sexual violence resource organizations.  By knowing more, you will be empowered to help yourself and others.

Learn more about domestic violence

Learn more about sexual violence

Speak up!

Domestic and sexual violence are silent epidemics that thrive in environments of secrecy and shame.  Did you hear a joke that condones sexual harassment, or a comment that downplays the impact of dating violence?  If so, speak up!  Let your friends know that abuse is no laughing matter.

Share Resources

If you have a friend, family member, co-worker or neighbor who is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, find a private moment and share New Hope’s Hotline number: 800-323-HOPE.

If you would like to display New Hope’s free resource brochures at your place of business, worship, school or gym, please contact us at:  new-hope@new-hope.org or 508-226-4015.

Host a Training or Workshop

Interested in organizing an education session for your peers?  Our Education & Outreach team can present to all ages and knowledge levels on the topics of:

  • Bullying
  • Bystanders and Community Response to Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Child Assault Prevention Program (CAPP)
  • Creating a Victim-Friendly Work Environment
  • Domestic Violence 101
  • Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement (for Law Enforcement only)
  • Domestic Violence and the Workplace
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Sexual Violence 101
  • Stalking, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Prevention

Participate In A New Hope Awareness Campaign

New Hope offers several awareness campaigns to engage the community and shed a spotlight on domestic and sexual violence. We invite you to participate in any of these initiatives:

Lack of Con-Cent

Lack of Con-Cent Photo

Lack of Con-Cent is a sexual violence awareness initiative in which survivors of sexual violence send New Hope a penny and a story or statement about the violence perpetrated against them. The individual stories are incredibly moving, and the collective display of pennies illustrates the prevalence of sexual violence in our society.

The Clothesline Project


The Clothesline project is a moving display of t-shirts created by survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Each shirt tells a story of healing, as expressed by the survivors themselves.

If you are interested in displaying The Clothesline Project, please contact our Outreach and Education team at: new-hope@new-hope.org

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