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1-877-222-0083 Toll Free line. RESPECT is an intervention program for individuals who abuse their partners. The goal is to help individuals end their violence by holding them accountable for their own behavior.

Educational methods and techniques are used during weekly group sessions. Training and consultation are available to community agencies, law enforcement, and social agencies. The program is certified by the MA Department of Public Health.

  • State DPH-certified, 40+ weekly group sessions

  • Holds individuals accountable for their behavior

  • Turning Point for violent or at-risk adolescents

RESPECT Groups are held in: Attleboro, Franklin, Taunton and Worcester


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
24-hour Hotline
1.800.323.HOPE (4673)

LLAMANOS: 1-800-223-5001 Linea directa para sobrevivientes de abuso sexual

TTY 1-508-852-7600 (Pida por una conexion directa)

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We Do Not Use Caller ID

Batterer Intervention Services
RESPECT Toll Free Line:

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