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In Memoriam Shirley Coelho (1935 – 2014)

New Hope honors the life and memory of Shirley Coelho.   Long before most people recognized the prevalence and impact of domestic and sexual violence, Shirley was already an advocate, speaking out and taking action in her community.    Her tireless efforts to raise awareness and to end domestic violence took many forms, including education, fundraising and serving on our Board of Directors.  From 1989 to 2009, Shirley served on New Hope’s Board, including serving as President for a number of years.  The Coehlo-Nimiroski Volunteer of the Year Award is named in part, in Shirley’s honor, to recognize the difference one person can make, and Shirley has indeed made a difference!  Her vision, passion and commitment continue to inspire those of us engaged in this work.

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Your Gift Can Help End Domestic & Sexual Violence

At New Hope, we work to end domestic and sexual violence by helping people live safer and healthier lives.

  • Safer for anyone victimized by family and relationship violence.
  • Safer for adults and children who have survived rape, incest, and other sexual violence – as well as their significant other – all coping with the emotional aftermath.
  • Safer for the partners and children of abusers who learn new, non-violent ways of interacting with others and become accountable for their own behavior.
  • Safer and more productive for businesses, schools, neighborhoods, law enforcement, the medical industry and all segments of our community which are greatly affected by domestic and sexual violence.


Through our work with adult and child survivors, abusive partners, bystanders and the general community, we are creating a culture that is intolerant of violence and abuse.

Every day, this work brings us closer to achieving our mission of “Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence in Our Community”.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi